What A Turn-On! The Automatic Applause Machine

British designer Martin Smith has come up with the cleverest robot I've seen this year: an automatic Applause Machine!  It's not all decked out like a human, either.  Who needs a human?  All you need is a button and a pair of hands.



You get that alright, as well as the mechanism that claps these colorful mitts together to praise your ideas, your clever words, your spectacular being...  In fact, the Applause Machine will even reward your dog with claps if you like.



Watch the automatic Applause Machine in action!




Produced by Laikingland for Martin Smith, the Applause Machines are manufactured in limited editions of 250 per bold color, colors like Current Red, Traffic Orange, and Signal Green... In the U.S., the Applause Machine is available at MossOnline.

Made of powdered coated steel and brass, with a walnut base, the Applause Machine is battery operated (2 AAA's) and is only 18 inches high, so you it can accompany you anywhere!  Just think...

EDITOR'S NOTE: For those looking for a more simple and affordable applause machine, consider this cheap sound machine.