What Would You Say If You Could Tweet To An Alien?


Ever since the first human being looked up at the sky, mankind has had something of an obsession with the stars. In older times, the sky was the domain of the gods, the realm of heaven; the place of ascension. Finding out what was really up there has only increased our curiosity a thousandfold. The Universe is so vast and unending; anything might be waiting out in the dark beyond.

The thought that there is more life in the universe than that on Earth - the idea that we aren't alone in the Universe - is a comforting one, to say the least. 

It's really no surprise, then, that one of our primary goals in space - aside from travel and exploration - is to contact whatever life might exist outside the atmosphere of the blue planet. To that end, a group known as Lone Signal is making a concerted effort to gather together a collection of short, Twitter-style messages from people all around the world; sending them into space in hopes of receiving feedback. 

Led by Dr. Jacob Haqq-Misra, the team will broadcast a continuous wave signal containing information about or planet and solar system embedded with a secondary signal that will contain messages from the people of earth. All messages will be sent towards a star system known as Gilese 526; an area known to contain potentially habitable planets. 

The messages will be broadcast using the Jamesburg Earth Station in California - the same facility used to transmit the famous Moon Landing of the '60s. Currently, anyone in the general public can send a single message for free, with additional messages at a cost of 99 cents each.

"From the start, we wanted this to be an experiment where anyone on earth could participate," explained Haqq-Misra.

"Our scientific goals are to discover sentient beings outside of our solar system," added founder Pierre Fabre. "But an important part of this project is to get people to look beyond themselves and their differences by thinking about what they would say to a different civilization. Lone Signal will allow people to do that." 

Source: Space.com, Universe Today