Whatever Floats Your Wine Bottle... But A Chain?


Yes, that's a wine bottle floating in the air with a chain around its neck.

I don't know anything more than you do about how this magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder works. Something to do with physics I'm sure... but what? And how?

Nevertheless, the Chain Wine Bottle Holder has been selling in the UK and customers swear by it's authenticity. The wine bottle really does float, and they've taken pictures of it.

This one is by customer Tim Marsden, of Northampton, UK.



And another from Paul Radcliffe of Essex, UK.



Save your best wine for this $35 nickle-plated iron Chain Wine Bottle Holder or gift it to your favorite wine lover. It will amaze, entertain, and show-off your taste in wine! And if you're clever, you'll never have to share its secret (except maybe with me).

Available from Firebox.com.