What's $1000 For YOUR Dog's Food Bowl?


Okay, you don't have to spend $1000 for the Hugx Diamond Kiss Ergonomic Dog Bowl, you can still buy the non-diamond award winning Hugx Ergonomic Dog Bowl for your dog for $100 or, if she's small, even a little less. The price? Well $100 is high and $1000 is even higher, but the Hugx (pronounced "hug kiss") just won the 2008 Pet Fashion Week Lifestyle Innovation Award for a reason!

The reason is the Hugx dog bowl's ergonomic frame, the idea of dog-owner Jane Grant. She enlisted two design engineerers, formerly Audi and Mercedes design consultants, to help her create the perfect frams.  After studying the way dogs eat from a flat-lying bowl and what angle of the bowl (32.5 degrees) would assist dogs ergonomically, the Hugx was developed.  So what you get is a really cool-looking ergonomic dog bowl that can easily go 200 mph loaded with just 1.5 cups of kibble!

The dog bowl itself, dishwasher-safe plastic, fits snugly into the Hugx sleek stand, and accommodates puppy and grown dog, the dog on a diet, and the dog wearing an Elizabethan collar. (If you've allowed your dog to eat with his Elizabethan collar on, you know the mess it creates!)



A Mini Hugx accommodates small dogs, teacup dogs, and cats and lets you get away with only spending about $80. Both Max and Mini versions of the Hugx Ergonomic Dog Bowl come in brightly colored assortments: LA Blue, Snow White, Donegal Pink, and Piccadilly Red.


Now, back to the $1000 diamond-encrusted Hugx dog bowl. If you purchase one, you are lucky to get it at such a reasonable price. The first one was auctioned on EBay Great Britain and collected quite a bit more -- $5000! All of that money and half of future sales of the Hugx Diamond Kiss Ergonomic Dog Bowl will be donated to the British society Dogs Trust, a national charity for dog rescues. Go for it! Hugx will even personalize the diamond edition with your dog's name!

To check out the competition for the 2008 Lifestyle Innovation Award from Pet Fashion Week, visit here.

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Aug 30, 2008
by phoghat
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You could go down to the dollar store and buy a food bowl and water bowl for $1.

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Sep 16, 2008
by Anonymous

Hugx food bowl improvement idea, benefit: assigned bowls

I have a product improvement idea for the Hugx food bowl. The benefit is that multi-pet owners can assign bowls one pet can use exclusively. Please contact me if you are interested.


Mike Carrieri
408 476-3750