Furniture that Eats Itself: The Auto-Cannibalistic Table


Eco-friendly L.A. studio TOUCH opened InDisposed tonight, an installation that initially took place in New York last month for the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), featuring works inspired by concepts seemingly at odds with each other:  wastefulness versus sustainability and unique craftsmanship versus mass production.  The challenge set to artists of all walks -- graphic designers, furniture makers and even musicians --  was to address ideas of disposability and create pieces that were sustainable, portable, easily disposed of and easily replicated for mass production.  One such featured piece was the Auto-Cannibalistic Table, a table that over time begins to "eat itself."

"Nom Nom""Nom Nom"

Made from paper egg flats, flour paste, soil and various seeds, "the Auto-Cannibalistic Table  understands that, in nature, energy and matter are in a constant state of transformation, cycling and recycling,” says Ate Atema, its mastermind.  As the table is watered and the seeds begin to sprout,  the resulting herbs can be picked for consumption.  The main idea, however, is that the table gradually begins to eat itself, with the plants staging a not-so-hostile, natural takeover -- the evolution in the life cycle of this very special piece of (questionably) sustainable furniture.

You can catch this and several other works of the InDisposed exhibit at TOUCH  L.A., June 24th through July 10th, from noon to 7PM daily. 

Atema Architecture via Inhabit and Pure Contemporary

Jun 25, 2009
by Anonymous


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