What's Drawer-ing Me To 'Affordable Housing'?

Drawer space. One never has enough of it. The designer of Affordable Housing has created a large chest of drawers, for sure. But look further to discover its magnificence!

Takeshi Miyakawa, a Japanese designer who makes his home in New York City, specializes in geometrical furniture that seem to be cut out of larger blocks of wood or acrylic or whatever media Miyakawa is working with. And some of Miyakawa's work, like Affordable Housing, look as if he first conceived of his designs as ancient Mayan monuments, and then miniaturized them to form seats or tables or chests of drawers.

Affordable Housing, a design he presented this year at the Brooklyn Designs show, speaks to Miyakawa's architectural style. At first glance, the chest looks like the drawers were carved out of a large wood block.



Seen from a perspective view, you can see how spacious this 60-drawer piece of furniture really is!


But open all the drawers! That's when Affordable Housing shows Miyakawa's spirit, his creativity, and his true architectural bent. It's always neat to find surprises!



One more perspective view from Miyakawa's exhibit at the Brooklyn Design show.



Now, isn't that monumental!?


sources: Takeshi Miyakawa Design, Brooklyn Designs, via cribcandy