What's Up His Butt? Paper Clips!

The only thing that sticks to most peoples' butts is fat. But the Butt Station, this cute little green guy perched on his "throne," actually has a functional butt -- it's a paper clip magnet!



When it comes to office gadgets, there are not many desk organizers the size of the Butt Station -- 2.5" x 6" -- that do so much for organization!

In addition to picking up paper clips with its magnetic butt, the Butt Station is a tape dispenser, holding a roll of tape across its clasped hands, and tearing the tape with its razor-sharp toes.



Butt Station's split toilet tank is transformed into a business card or sticky pad holder, and a pen holder.



Last Butt not least, open wide and close! No tonsils, just a great pencil holder. What a super desk gadget!



The Butt Station desk organizer is available from Amazon.

 via Trendhunter