What's The Least Expensive Way to Get A Smart Home?

Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home

Smart homes have been showing up more and more, and not just in the homes of multi-billionaires and research projects designed to help the growing elderly population. The smart home is coming to amazing homes everywhere. While custom systems can cost several thousand dollars, on the low end according to reporting from The Street there are a lot of options that will not bust your budget. The cheapest of the custom models comes in at about $2,500 with a recurring monthly fee of about $50 for the maintenance of the service and a custom app.

So, what is the least expensive way to get a simple smart home? For now it seems to be hooking up with a big company. Verizon offers a home monitoring service that has basic smart home like features, with remote access to features like doors and lights for a setup fee of about $90, and a monthly commitment of about $10 a month. Just bear in mind that you will have to do some minimal instillation on your own, and it is, for the time being, not as feature heavy as what you might see in the movies. But hey, it's a first step in the right direction.

Image: Morgue File