The Wheel Deal: The Top 8 Oddball Auto Black Friday Sales

Black Friday isn't all about shopping carts, it's also about shopping cars! Retailers of all stripes are targeting drivers this year and some are being mighty creative in their quest to win over car owners. Umm, please keep in mind the term “door crasher sale” isn't to be taken literally.  

8) Steelers Wheels

OK, so it's an NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Auto Hood Cover advertised as a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal with zero connection to the late great Gerry Rafferty's band Stealers Wheel but hey: when am I going to be able to work in a title like that again, huh?

For those pickup and SUV owners who don't give a flying firetruck about early 1970s Scottish folk rock but live, breath and eat Pittsburgh Steelers and are proud to show it, the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Auto Hood Cover is only NFL Auto Hood Cover that matters, period. Also, SIX RINGS!! (Black Friday auto image via 

7) Better-Than-Free Prestige Car Wash

Ronen Drory estimates 1,500 to 2,000 cars will go through his Prestige Car Wash in Taunton, MA this Black Friday and he won't make a dime off any of them – in fact, it'll cost him $1 per car!

"This is the kind of thing people will remember 10 years from now," explains Drory, who plans to happily hand each driver a greenback even though he's the one being taken to the cleaners. (Black Friday auto image via USA Today/Prestige Car Wash)

6) Blackview Black Box

Googledrive's Black Friday Sale features this Blackview F8000 Car Camera Car Black Box in black. Does Xzibit know about this? It features a built-in battery and will fit any Bentley, BMW, Bugatti or Buick. Apparently it's also “hot”, so caveat emptor. (Black Friday auto image via AliExpress)

5) Black Friday Black Gold

When Dan Lindeman took his Ford Expedition to the Sears Auto Center in Coral Springs Mall last Black Friday, he was expecting (a) an oil change and (b) a good deal on it. What he ended up getting instead was a runaround from Sears' insurance company after a worker at the facility crashed Lindeman's SUV into a truck lift and a concrete wall, racking up over $7,000 in damages.

The ensuing tussle between Sears' and Lindeman's insurance companies left the car-owner stuck with a hefty out-of-pocket bill and a looming haircut on the vehicle's resale value. "It's unbelievable,” vented Lindeman in a videotaped interview with NBC Miami. “When I take my car into Sears and they crash it, now it's three months later, I'm out $1,100 and they don't care.” Lindeman said. It's not stated whether Lindeman actually got the oil change at the advertised bargain price. (Black Friday auto image via NBC Miami)

4) Black Friday Car Neck Pillow

Let's see if I've got this straight: “Buy Black Friday Car Neck Pillow (Soft Version) - Neck Pillow; Car Pillow; Memory Foam Neck Pillow; Neck Rest Pillow; Car Neck Pillow (Color: Dark Blue) at inexpensive total price and save delivering.” Allrighty then!

In related news, it would seem the Black Friday Car Neck Pillow is dark blue. DOH! (Black Friday auto image via

3) Black Friday Ferrari Bluetooth Speaker Dock

The Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide from Auto Spies sports a number of exclusive items that are, in the words of Ferris Bueller, “so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” In the case of the Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth Speaker Dock, the means in question are $549 American dollars plus tax and shipping.

This “latest addition to the Ferrari by Logic3 line captures Ferrari's style and personality,” according to Stefano Saporetti, Head of Licensing at Ferrari. “Each product continues to reflect Ferrari's own commitment to the highest performance, quality and exquisite precision. We are excited to share these products with Ferrari owners, fans and audiophiles alike.” I'm sure, because at over half a grand each (plus tax and shipping), only Ferrari owners, fans and audiophiles alike can afford them. (Black Friday auto image via Auto Spies)

2) Black Friday Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

Just in time for's Black Friday Deals Week it's The Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag: a keeper, so to speak, for anyone planning a long-distance road trip to, say, Walley World.

If Clark W Griswold had one of these mounted on the ol' Family Truckster, ol' Aunt Edna would have arrived in Phoenix safe, sound and above all dry. As for Clark, he would have had more money to give to the greedy mechanics in Arizona thanks to the great savings he would have enjoyed at's Black Friday Deals Week. (Black Friday auto image via

1) Black Friday Blowout Sale

K2 Motor is a Southern California-based importer and retailer of aftermarket auto parts and accessories sourced from manufacturers in the Far East. By their own admission, “K2 Motor carries over 3,000 auto parts and accessories including brand name products.”

Here's where things turn south, however. In late 2011 the company decided to climb aboard the Black Friday sales hype machine and mounted an attention-grabbing BLACK FRIDAY BLOWOUT SALE offering discounts of up to 65 percent. A “blowout” sale... on auto parts and accessories... possibly including tires. Insert facepalm GIF here. (Black Friday auto image via K2Motor)

Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it is black.” Black Friday has been the busiest sales day of the year, nine out of the past ten years. The auto industry runs on sales. Put it all together and its obvious buying automobiles and auto accessories on Black Friday makes sense and saves you dollars. (Black Friday auto image at top via RescueHumor and above via Automotoportal)

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