Wheelsurf Large Wheel Vehicle Delivers As Advertised


Are you sick and tired of the fact that the average electric bike doesn't make you look like a raging, irredeemable knob? Well, don't be angry, because the Wheelsurf Large Wheel Vehicle is at your service. Yes, one ride in this and you'll be the envy laughingstock of town. Because if riding around in a giant wheel isn't enough to get you mocked, the bright color of this thing will guarantee that you get all the wrong kinds of attention.

The unique bike has a single, tired wheel that wraps around the entire perimeter. That wheel is powered by three, out-of-sight internal wheels and a Honda GX31 4 stroke gas engine--and I thought the single redeeming quality of this thing would be the fact that it's electric; guess I was wrong!

To ride, you sit inside the inner frame, grab hold of the handles and steer by shifting your weight. Braking comes largely by way of leaning back and counterbalancing, though that's augmented with a hand brake. 

Why would you ever want to ride a big, bright yellow wheel? I really have no idea, but its creators say it's "pure adrenaline" and is "sure to get you noticed" (though probably not in a good way).

Oh yeah, and it costs nearly $7,000--or around $8,000 after you get done shipping it over from the Netherlands. Good luck with selling a single one of those. 

If these things ever become vaguely popular, they could give way to a great new sport. No, not Large Wheel riding or racing: Large Wheel bombardment. That big, old wheel is kind of like a bullseye if you think about it. And at the double-bull is the douche that just spent thousands of dollars to ride around in public on the thing. He's clearly asking to get pegged mercilessly.

WheelSurf via BeSportier