When It Comes To Cute Food, You Can't Beet Pink Curry

Welcome to Japan, where the burgers are black, the beer is blue and the curry is pink... at least THIS curry is, thanks to a special recipe that employs pink soy sauce tinted with beet extract. Dwight Schrute would surely approve.

Both the pink curry and the pink soy sauce (below) that both flavors and colors it come from Tottori prefecture, located on the Japan Sea coast in the western part of the country. Tottori is the least populous of Japan's 47 prefectures but we shouldn't blame the pink soy sauce and curry for that... though it probably doesn't help.

In any case, the burning question on your mind must be “why pink curry?”... to which there is no clear answer other than (a) “because we can!” and (b) this is Tottori's way of shouting “look at me!”. It must be working because (a) they can, and (b) we are.

Tottori is a mainly agricultural province known for its rice, pears, nagaimo yams, onions and watermelon. Presumably they also produce beets as the root vegetable has been the source of natural, non-toxic purple to pink pigments since prehistory – you can't have pink borsht without beets.

So, got a hankering for some pink curry? The folks at Karo Seafood have got the fix you're jonesing for and it can be ordered from their online store. Evidently it tastes just like “normal” curry and offers the usual spicy kick curry is famous for. Just tell your dinner guests you've saved them the trouble of taking Pepto-Bismol AFTER dinner. (via YouPouch