When Dr. Pepper Fails Try Mr. Q Cumber

If you are tired of the regular brands and breeds of soda pop, then you may be pleasantly surprised by Mr. Q Cumber. A sip of this drink is said to be like biting into a crisp, fresh, cool cucumber. While the idea of turning cucumbers into soda may seem strange, the truth is that cucumbers are actually fruit and in the same botanical family as melons. Like tomatoes, we just tend to use them as vegetables. So Mr. Q Cumber is a lot of fruity goodness.

 Mr. Q Cumber Sparkling BeverageMr. Q Cumber Sparkling Beverage

One of the nice things about this soda, or more correctly "sparkling beverage," is that it is all natural. No funky additives to worry about and no high fructose corn syrup. It is just sparkling water, cane sugar, citric acid, and cucumber extract. It is a relatively healthy change of pace.

So what is the difference betwee soda and a sparkling beverage? It's all in the water. Soda uses carbonated water while sparkling beverages use naturally sparkling water (like Perrier).

 Mr. Q Cumber Sparkling BeverageMr. Q Cumber Sparkling Beverage

While you can stick with drinking Mr. Q straight or on the rocks, there are those who say that it is great for mixing with gin or vodka for a fun new cocktail. In one comment about the beverage the person recommends trying it with Hendricks' cucumber infused gin. If you aren't the alcohol drinking sort, Mr. Q could also add a little pizzazz to your glass of tomato juice.

 Mr. Q Cumber Sparkling BeverageMr. Q Cumber Sparkling Beverage

It is a great idea for entertaining and something that will surprise and delight your guests.

Don't let the cucumber fool you. This is not a health or diet drink. There is no diet Mr. Q. Each 7 ounce bottle packs 90 calories. Like any soda pop or sparkling beverage Mr. Q Cumber should be a treat not a way of life.

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