When Fashion Disappears: Transparent/Invisible Clothing Or Illusion?

It might be a woman's worst nightmare. You know, that day that she steps outside in her hottest white garment for summer only to get caught in a rain shower that has her putting on a show to everyone she meets. Apparently, there are some women that just don't mind that look, and while they might not want to show off their own goods, they do want to get their invisible clothing style on everywhere they go!

When Fashion DisappearsWhen Fashion Disappears

According to Mighty Optical Illusions these photograps weren't a creative Photoshop ploy. In reality, it was part of a funky art project where an artist decided that ladies clearly don't show of their panties in public often enough. Using paint to replicate the look of women's lingerie and their rear-ends, the invisible clothing look came to life.

Invisible ClothingInvisible Clothing

There's still some speculation that these may not be realistic fashion items. If it is all a ploy, it may be starting a new invisible fashion trend so some bold designer better get out their paint!

 Transparent ClothingTransparent Clothing

May 20, 2010
by Anonymous

Not exactly new...

"it may be starting a new invisible fashion trend"

Really? I saw this fashion in Japan 4 years ago. BTW, it wasn't a "funky art project". This article is BS.

Nov 6, 2010
by Anonymous


Ok, what kind of woman puts themselves on display like that?? I'm sure hoping its a photoshop lol