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When Frosty Comes To Your Summer Barbecue

So you wanted to have the most amazing barbecue and potluck ever so you invited EVERYONE you could think of. But Santa was vacationing on Christmas Island and the Easter Bunny was doing archaeological work on Rapa Defrosty Reusable Ice Cubes From Fred & FriendsDefrosty Reusable Ice Cubes From Fred & FriendsNui. Frosty and a couple of his snowmen friends decided to come and you asked them to bring the ice. They forgot. So you improvised. At least that is the story you are going to tell when you use these fun Defrosty Reusable Ice Cubes.

The set from Fred and Friends comes with six pieces of coal for the eyes and three carrot noses. They are all freezable and reusable, and made of food safe polyethylene. For best effect you may want to stick with lemon-lime soda, gin and tonic, or vodka rocks.

 Defrosty Reusable Ice Cubes From Fred & FriendsDefrosty Reusable Ice Cubes From Fred & Friends

Give your guests a laugh and get them talking -- they make a great ice-breaker (pun intended). They also come in a nice gift box so that you can give them as a gift for the host or hostess at the next big summer party you get invited to. These Defrosty Reusable Ice Cubes are bound to make a splash this summer!

Sources: Fred and Friends, Amazon

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Laurie Kay Olson
Clever Problem Solvers

Jul 14, 2013
by Anonymous

I actually collected some

I actually collected some small smooth stones from the beach and keep them in a zip lock bag in the freezer. Work great as ice cubes and of course don't water down your drink. Also very cheap and long lasting.