When It Comes To Your Hair You Can Chalk It Up

A fun way to temporarily color your hair is with chalk pastels. You can buy pastels that are sold specifically for hair, or you can use the chalk pastels sold in art stores. They are much the same. Just make sure that you Hairdo Colored with Soft Chalk PastelsHairdo Colored with Soft Chalk Pastelsdon't mix them up with oil pastels or your hair color won't be so temporary and a whole lot messier.

The effect is very similar to dye, but without the questionable chemicals that could damage your hair or even you. The pastels also make it easier to make different locks different colors and then do them up into some fun hairstyle mosaic.

The basic technique is that you wet your hair to help the color attach to it, apply the chalk by "drawing" it on. Allow the hair to dry (or blow it dry) and then set the color with a flat iron or curling iron. Some techniques suggest twisting the lock you are working on for better chalk coverage. Then gently brush out the excess chalk and style your hair as usual.

There are a few tips and warnings for chalking your hair:

  • The chalk sheds, so wear clothing of a similar color or plan to wear your hair up to minimize the chalk fallout. When applying the chalk dust gets everywhere, so wear old clothes or a cape, and put down a drop cloth to catch the mess.
  • Don't chalk your hair too often. It is very drying. Wash the chalk out with a clarifying shampoo or dish liquid to get it all out and then condition well to replenish moisture.
  • Don't apply the chalk with any product in your hair.Soft Chalk PastelsSoft Chalk Pastels
  • Going to the beach or for a walk in the rain with chalked hair is a bad idea. The colors will start to run and make a mess.
  • If you are a blonde do NOT wet your hair first. The pigment in the chalks can be absorbed into the hair shaft when it is wet and become a bit more permanent. It may take several days of washing to get the color out.
  • If you have dark hair you should choose the brighter colors for the best results.
  • Not surprisingly redheads need to be careful with the colors they choose to use.
  • Using two colors on a single lock of hair that has been twisted can give a cool tie-dyed look.
  • You must use soft pastels. Regular chalk just doesn't stick and usually doesn't have the vibrant color choice.

Take a look at how simple the basic process is (there is a giggling girls warning on this video, view with patience):

So now, go forth and color with hair chalk. It's a rainbow world of hair out there.

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