When It Rains, Your Outdoor Television Needs Rain Case

As more and more people are extending their homes into outdoor living spaces, more and more people want  their television to come with them. Whether they want to have everyone over for the big game or that special awards show party, the time has come for more outdoor viewing of televisions. Along with this trend comes a rather obvious need -- a way to keep the television safe from the elements and from thieves.

Rain Case by Joe EngleRain Case by Joe Engle

Enter Joe Engle and his invention -- the Rain Case, a flat panel television enclosure. The case is designed to protect outdoor TVs with handsome style. It will keep most 32" size screens safe from the weather, dust, and insects. It also comes with a lockable latch to deter would-be thieves bent on a quick snatch and works with any universal mount.

While testing the prototype he realized that the Rain Case also needed to be portable to that people can also take their television along for tailgating, use with the RV, camping, or any other venue where electricity is available. So the case became a hybrid to increase the versatility of the product.

Rain Case DetailRain Case Detail

The aluminum body is coated with natural powder coatings made of 70% recycled materials, create virtually no VOC emissions, and require less energy to cure than most standard powder coatings. It also meets the requirements for the U.S. Green Building Council.

The project to get his invention to market goes live on Kickstarter today as Engle seeks initial funding in the amount of $20,000 to begin manufacturing the Rain Case. This includes set up and the cost of materials, hardware, and labor. 

For more information or to become a backer, look for Rain Case on Kickstarter.com. You can also follow Joe Engle and Rain Case on Facebook.

We at InventorSpot.com wish inventor Joe Engle and his invention the Rain Case lots of luck. and a successful KickStart.

Source: Joe Engle