The Well-Dressed Dog At A Wedding: 10 Awesome Dog Bridal Gowns

6. Three-Tiered Dog Bridal Gown Set

Three tiers of satin, three tiers of ornamental lace, and no less than six layers of tulle make this lovely wedding dress nice and full. White chiffon flowers and pearl beads are hand-sewn in the layers of skirting. This is definitely one to save for the puppies. Available from Doggie Clothesline for $84.



7. Simple And Elegant Dog Wedding Dress


If your dog's not into frill, this wedding dress may be for her! The bodice has a good deal of charm with its sheer flowered applique and neckline of soft flowers with pearl centers. A simple lace band trims the satin hem. Good selection for dogs not accustomed to dressing up. Available from Posh Pet Glamour Boutique for $100.





8. Emma Rose Moonlight Bridal Dog Wedding Dress

Emma Rose is a top designer of dog wear and, although the Moonlight Bridal is from her ready-to-wear line, she also makes custom dog dresses and bridal gowns. The lucky dog that gets this trim-bodiced, full-skirted fine satin and lace bridal dress. Beautiful lace work with clear sequins to reflect your dog's charm. Available from The Gilded Paw, on sale for $118.




9. Candlelight Dog Wedding Dress


For the dog who loves the spotlight, she'll be proud to pose for wedding photos with or without her groom in her English lace, spotted with thousands of pearls, sequins, and reflective silver material. She'll feel just like she's on the red carpet! (And maybe you should consider that too!) This magnificent Candlelight Dog Bridal Gown is available in several sizes, off-the-rack, but can also be custom-ordered for those outside the sizes available. $600 from Barrons House of Treasures.



10. Short And Very Sweet Dog Wedding Dress


Not elaborate as some doggie wedding dresses, but every bit as precious, this organza and tulle number is a winner. Sizes fit dogs up to 64 pounds, and the price is very reasonable at $38 from Hands 'N Paws.


Tips for selecting a bridal dress for your dog:


  • Amazon is a good source for less expensive wedding dresses and they have a big selection.
  • When purchasing a dog wedding dress or gown, make sure you find out what pieces are included with the dress. Some photos will show the dog model in full attire, when perhaps the head band or veil is not included.
  • Most wedding gowns do not come with dog panties. If your dog is wearing a short gown, you may want to purchase some matching panties. There are some fun fancy white dog panties at Modern Tails.
  • Before considering a wedding gown or dress for your dog, consider the environment and temperature conditions. If you will be purchasing an ornate gown with several layers, a train, and veil, make sure the wedding will be in an air conditioned environment.
  • If your dog is not used to wearing clothes, don't make her wedding the first time she does. A dress does not make the dog... so let her wear a fitted top or just a pretty barrette or veiled headband.
  • Read dog fashion designer Emma Rose's column at My Uptown Pooch about planning for your dog's wedding.

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May 30, 2008
by Anonymous


Okay... ignoring the fact they are DOGS

These have to be the worst pictures i have ever seen! Advertising white dresses on a bright white background... you can barely even see the dresses... what crap marketing.

Sep 10, 2008
by Anonymous


people should be flogged. Unless you like being flogged of course. Just saying: People who dress up little dogs might be into anything.

Jan 9, 2009
by Anonymous

Really funny web site

I think your web site is really funny.It made me laugh when my husband has just lost his job today and i needed to be cheered up.I think the dresses are fab and they all look realy cute.The dog doesnt know its a dress, so i dont think any harm would come of it.We all need a laugh these days with all the stress.
I design wedding gowns myself, only for people though so far, but this has given me new ideas.
Thankyou for making me laugh, i needed it..

Rehgards Sheila.