When Wine Becomes Music

Playing crystal goblets is a whole lot of fun and all you need is some water (or wine) and a wet finger to do it. You don't have to be Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality to manage it either. If you are going to give it a try these Musical Wine Glasses by NostalgicsMusical Wine Glasses by NostalgicsMusical Wine Glasses will help those of us who don't have perfect pitch. They come marked with how far to fill the glasses to get the notes you actually want to play.

Only crystal glasses make music, but, like any instrument, you have to know how to tune it. These goblets make the whole thing easier -- especially on your ears.

When my father and stepmother got married they took all five of us kids out to a fine restaurant. It didn't take long for us to figure out that the water glasses were crystal. Not one of them was in tune and before long the rest of the people dining wanted to know why the chef was slaughtering cats. Perhaps if we had had these glasses six people would still have their hearing today. But I digress.

Musical Wine Glasses by NostalgicsMusical Wine Glasses by NostalgicsThe lines on these fun glasses even allow you to play flats and sharps. Imagine planning a romantic evening with wine and Chateaubriand for two. You can serenade your love with the glasses while all of those glasses of Burgundy or Beaujolais are breathing.

If your family is large enough you could teach everyone to play and go on tour. Okay, that may be a bit much, but it would be fun to have the glasses for special family occasions.

Each of these glasses is made in Austria of lead-free crystal and gold luster, and is tested for musicality.  They come from the London design studio Nostalgics and are available in pairs. 

These goblets make a great accent for any musician or music lover's dining table or wine tasting. Here's looking at you, kid!

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