When You Just Can't Get Enough Pressure: The DIY Plunger Seat

If you've ever just not had enough arm strength to plunge the junk out of your toilet, you may just need a little more body weight to do the job...

Or, as the Stöpsel plunger seat was intended to do, you might just want to sit on it while you work.  Christopher Doering, a designer who juggles many projects, found just enough time to build this ergonomic Stöpsel and share his assembly techniques with you.

Doering points out that sitting all day at work sucks - it's hard on your back.  And standing all day is hard on your legs. So, he resourcefully put together an ergonomic work seat that doesn't require full sitting or standing. And the Stöpsel cost only €8 and 4 minutes to put together.


Stöpsel plunger seat: ©Christopher DoeringStöpsel plunger seat: ©Christopher Doering


Here's what you will need...


Items needed to build a Stöpsel: ©Christopher DoeringItems needed to build a Stöpsel: ©Christopher Doering



- 1 old bicycle saddle, 0,00 Eur (recycled)
- 80-95 cm of roundwood, pine tree 22mm, max. 4,00 Eur
- 1 plunger, ca. 4,00 Eur
- 1 wood screw


- Saw to cut the roundwood, if necessary
- Sandpaper
- Srewdriver
- Wrench

Repurpose your home plunger and save €4 (about $5.35 at today's rate).  

Make sure you establish suction at the floor level or the Stöpsel will easily tip over. For instructions, see Instructables.com