When You're Away, Cats Will Play With 'Mouse In The House'

We can wish all we want that when we leave the house for the day, our cats find something to do other than sleep.  If they did, perhaps we would get better sleep at night, while they are dancing around finding absolutely everything engaging, especially our bed covers.

What about a programmable cat toy?  One that you can set to "go off" at a certain time to get your cat's attention and keep her occupied, engaged, and exercised for... awhile, anyway.  Cat toy maker, Cat Dancer, came up with with one... a programmable cat living room with a mouse running through it called the Mouse In The House.




And there's another component to the toy.  Cats can operate the Mouse in the House themselves just by pushing a big red button on the toy.  Here's a vision for you!



Mouse in the House is available at a significant discount at Amazon.com.  You may want to keep a few extra mice on hand too!

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Jun 6, 2009
by Jace Shoemaker-...
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What a cute idea!  Thanks for sharing!

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