Cat Climbing The Walls? Show Him The Door


You can take a cat out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of a cat. Unless you want to mount tree branches in your home (Ooh, let me think on that!), the next best thing to satisfy his urge to climb might be a door climber. I mean, if he's climbing the walls anyway...

The Climber, a patent pending door climber for cats, is perfect for the decor-conscious and/or city dweller cat, and for one whose walls might be pre-occupied with objets d'art. The Climber satisfies a cat's climbing, perching, and scratching needs... as well as her need to show dominance over humans by occupying a higher spot in the room.



Cat condos are popular but take up a lot of space and don't tend to blend well with many decors, especially modern ones. The movement in interior design is toward making fun and functional climbing systems for cats that are less conspicuous than traditional cat furniture.

And for $50, much less  than the average cost of a cat condo, The Climber is very accommodating. With its easy to mount spring-loaded bracket system, The Climber can readily be moved from one door to another, so kitty can be with you in any room.

Scratching... not a problem. The wood mounted natural sisal material will satisfy the claw sharpening instincts of your most restless kitty. Now all she needs is play prey!



The Climber is the creation of Angela and Jeremy Moser, who recently began expanding their line of cat modernity through their new business, CatLivin®. Look for more good cat lovin' from them. (The Climber is also available at Amazon. That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee
Animal Writer