Where Rich Cats Poop

Vaso by KattbankVaso by Kattbank

More and more cats are staying home and pooping indoors these days. But, what do you do with the litter box, especially if Kitty can't have a room of her own? Well, maybe these designer litter boxes will give you some ideas... It's always nice to see where rich cats are pooping.


1. Poop in the coffee table!

While the Kattbanktm is the priciest litter box I've seen ($1750 to $2200), it is definitely multi-functional -- as a window seat, coffee table, art or plant stand... a myriad of uses. Each custom-made 60 x 48 x 20 inch hardwood box comes in several wood veneers and in bright and subtle lacquers. Not something you can hide in the corner... on the contrary, with all the color varieties possible, it might just be the focal point of your living room. (You can order one color for the base and another for the top...sweet decorating challenge)."


A man and his cat.  KattbankA man and his cat. Kattbank

Now, about the poop. I think the inside of the Kattbank is pretty ingenious.

Inner Design of KattbankInner Design of Kattbank

A large kitty entrance on one end of the Kattbank opens to a short "hallway," that provides room for your cat to jump "upstairs." He walks up a grated slope to his litter box where he does his stuff.

On the way back down the slope, litter from the kitty's paws shakes off into the grate so kitty comes out clean, sans litter. (Personally, I think a paw freshener would be good right about here.)

The actual litter box, which is not included, can be as large as 13 x 17 inches. There is a compartment behind that of the litter box, that can hold waste bags, litter, and/or some scent. Very well designed, I'd say. I like the idea that the liter box is not close to the exit. It's not even on the ground floor!

If there are drawbacks to the Kattbank, two come to mind. One, that the Kattbank only fits one litter box... I guess your second cat would have to learn to use the potty. If money and space is not an object, Kattbank invites you to buy two! If you've already purchased a self cleaning litter box, the Kattbank doesn't accomodate it (as yet, anyway), so that might be the other drawback.

2. Poop in a Litter Bowl

If your cat is going to poop in your coffee table or window seat, why not buy an elegant hand-blown glass jar for her kitty litter? Vaso, below, was designed by glass maker Andi Kovel of esque. It can be purchased through Kattbank for $750. It is elegant, you must admit.


Vaso by KattbankVaso by Kattbank


3. Poop In A Cabinet!

Hidy-Tidy wood cabinets are more traditional in design, and are solid, original furniture pieces that can be made to match the interiors of any room. There are two basic models of cabinet, a one-door and two-door cabinet, made in your choice of finishes.


Hidy Tidy Style T Design $360 - Steps $50Hidy Tidy Style T Design $360 - Steps $50

A smart aspect of the Hidy-Tidy's is that they have an entrance on both sides, so that a cat does not feel trapped if, for example, another pet comes to poke his head in one entrance. While the front door(s) of the cabinet are kept closed for propriety and privacy, they open for cleaning the litter box, which is included in the purchase ($300 & up).

Hidy-Tidy's is also a custom shop. It can make two tier cabinets and double wide cabinets that you can use for litter boxes and your own storage needs. They also have beautiful handcarved and etched drawings for cabinet tops and cabinet doors.

Cat And Teddy Bear EngravingCat And Teddy Bear Engraving


Cabinet Door Design by Hand-Carved DoorsCabinet Door Design by Hand-Carved Doors


4. Poop in a Dresser!

The Refined Feline offers a less expensive, but handsome, server/dresser - like design in two syles and in different finishes ($190 - $225), that can accomodate certain self-cleaning litter boxes. Here, the front doors open to the litter box, and a full size drawer is available for liners, toys, or cans of food. (Update:This item is no longer availale. You can see similar Dresser Litter Boxes here.)

Refined Feline The Refined Cat Litter Box II™Refined Feline The Refined Cat Litter Box II™


So, depending on your pocketbook, your tastes, and space requirements, you can buy your cat a pretty decent place to poop. If not, create that discrete place yourself and send us pictures so we can share them with our readers.

That's the buzz for today!

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Sep 16, 2007
by Anonymous The Reactor (not verified)

Those are okay IF

the cats will use them, but like I mentioned under the earlier cat litter box entry, many cats will not use a covered/enclosed box.  The UNUSED boxes look nice, but cat litter has a tendency to get spread by the cat and frequent cleaning is necessary to keep the boxes and one's house  presentable.  Those cabinets and dressers will eventually get wet/soiled and possibly ruined.  For these reasons, I doubt I'd buy any of them--even if they were a lot cheaper.

Nov 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Litter Bowl? :)

lol.. I thought the little bowl was a joke.. but they are real? I can't imagine a cat getting in there to go potty, but then again, they probably would because my cats are weird.

Oh no! Your spam blocker involves math! I hope I get this question right :)