Where Rich Cats Sleep: 14 HOT Designer Cat Beds

Does this photograph remind you of anything in your home? Me either. But designs like this are really inspiring. The artists who created the cat beds featured here use their talents to pay tribute to the natural elegance and variable nature of the cat. Even if they are out of your price range, they're not too expensive to admire!

The PRRRounge

World-renowned furniture designer, Elizabeth Paige Smith, takes her cat furniture seriously. The Prrrounge, like her other cat beds, is a sleeper and a scratching surface, made of triple-walled corrugated cardboard. Her designs are right at home in any modern or rustic environment and are all environmentally friendly. Cost: $280 from Kittypod through Amazon, Ms. Smith's studio.

Prrounge CloseupPrrounge Closeup

The Couchette


Another seductive sculptured cat bed from Ms. Smith's shop. If I were to purchase one of her works, it would be difficult to decide on which one. The Couchette is available from Amazon for $240.

The Kittypod

The best-known kitty bed of Elizabeth Paige Smith is the Kittypod, for which her studio is named. The Kittypod incorporates the corrugated cardboard scratching surface and other parts are made mostly of recycled wood materials. The big bowl accommodates all size cats and, of course, provides a scratching surface for them also. Cost: $320 from Kittypod. Or from Amazon for $280.


Another very instinctive cat furniture designer, Kattbank, here works with glass to create a purr-fect place for kitty to hide and still be seen. This masterpiece, by J. Parker of esque, complements another glass sculpture from Kattbank I featured in an earlier column (see Vaso by Kattbank at Where Rich Cats Poop). Because Solo is custom made and hand blown, sizes are approximate: Length: 22-25 inch. Width: 11-16 inch. Height: 9-12 inch. Cost: $2400. Colors: Transparent Smoke or Transparent Red.


Glass artist A..Kovel of esque designed this rich glass cat bed for Kattbank. The Ciambella bed has a walnut stand and measures approximately 19-22 inch diameter by 6-8 inch height. Available in opaque white or opaque blue for $1600 from Kattbank.

Cat Cocoon

Cat CocoonCat Cocoon
Another environment saver, corrugated cardboard is the material used to create the Cat Cacoon sculpture by One Form Design. This cat bed is multi-functional, providing a resting place, a scratching surface, a toy, and an interesting sculpture (especially if there's fur sticking out of the holes). Available at Velocity Art and Design for $290.

The Kliner & The Kittie Lounge


Gloria Baumann of Kittie Krafts, makes everything she sells for cats. And the furniture designs are exact replicas of human furniture. She will make her Kliners, Kouches, Loveseats and Klounges for you with your own material, if you wish, so that they match your own furniture. Doesn't the Kliner look just like a human recliner? Purr-fect for your cat to stretch out and watch the Planet's Funniest Animals. Awesome. Above Kliner in your choice of fabric from $80 (S) to $85 (L).


Kittie LoungeKittie Lounge


The Kittie Lounge, above, is available in your choice of material from Kittie Krafts at $85(S) and ($90). Kittie Krafts has many couch and chair designs, but do take a look at Ms. Baumann's custom work .

Fancy, Funky, & Plush Cat Sofas

Love That Cat carries neat cat sofas in different styles and fabrics that allow you to match your interior design and your cat's personality. The fancy sofa above comes in four styles and fabrics and cost from $128 to $147.


I love this retro '50s sofa. Populux and all that. This funky style is $139 from Love That Cat.

Plush is purr-fect for long haired cats.... and short haired cats... and, hey, what about me? Makes me jealous. Plush is available in five plushy colors at Love That Cat for $90.



This is a cat bed that belongs next to the fireplace on a cold winter's eve. (At least it will keep mine from sitting on the ledge, which is scary!) Modern, rustic, eclectic, I don't know, the style just grabs you. Made in Los Angeles from reclaimed plywood, the Niveau is a "limited-edition" cat bed, because of the scarcity of reclaimed plywood. Oiled walnut veneer, painted ball legs and brightly polka-dotted cushion plays to the playful side of cats. $180 from

The Hot Bed

Hot BedHot Bed

I guess you can tell why this is called the Hot Bed. One solid piece of red acrylic forms this purr-fect sleeper for your cat (or small dog) by designer Petbitat. The ultra cushy cushions come in geometric patterns, solid suede, or plush faux fur in several colors. Also available in "invisible" acrylic from the Cheengoo Boutique for $420.



Cat PillowCat Pillow

Silhouette, made in the shape of a kitty face, is the pillow to buy to turn any piece of furniture into a comfy bed for your cat. Designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith, the Silhouette is cushy and soft just like your cat deserves... and it has a machine washable cover. Available at Kittypod and Love That Cat for $40.

As we become more pet-centered, architects and interior designers are physically weaving them into our lives in unique and often, ecological, ways. Maybe these designs will inspire you to find ways to do the same in your home.
That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee
Animal Blogger
Nov 9, 2007
by Chris (not verified)

designer cat beds

such fancy cat beds. I can see my three liking the PRRR lounge the best. I had no idea there were so many designer beds for our kitties. And to think my cats like a paper bag--no class I guess. Great post.

Nov 11, 2007
by Raivyn (not verified)

I love the Hot Bed! The

I love the Hot Bed! The colors and pattern are awesome and it would look great in my house.. now if only it wasn't so expensive..

Feb 18, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

Your house must look

Your house must look horrible then.

Feb 18, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

Your house must look

Your house must look horrible then.

May 10, 2008
by Anonymous

nice furniture, but don't need it

Hey all.

This furniture looks great for kitty. My husband & I have 3 cats, and they honestly prefer sitting & sleeping on/and on top of boxes. I think I'll stick with the affordable boxes.

May 14, 2008
by Anonymous