6 Exclusive Dog Houses, Because 'Dog Is A God®'

Marco Morosini is a successful Italian artist and designer who expresses what he perceives around him through lively graphics, a line of clothing and accessories, poignant photographs of the Bosnian War, and just about anything he puts his attention to. Giving his wink and a nod to the god-like way dogs are treated in modern society, Morosini has created six godly temples to honor dogs in his series Dog Is A God®.


1. Traveling Dog House

A rich dog always travels in style. Here, Morosini envisions summer and winter travel with two versions of the Traveling Dog House, both made from baked clayed supported by platinum hardware.






2. Temple Dog House

Not necessarily for a Japanese dog, this dog temple seems to be made of the same materials as a real Japanese temple. Be assured, the Temple does function as a dog house.




3. Transparent Dog House

Here's a very modern version of a dog house. It even has a carport!


4. Father and Son Dog House

Both gods, Rusty the elder and rusty junior, each have their own entrances to a modern ranch style duplex.


5. Nomad Dog House

When you're always on the go, it's great to have a trailor hitch handy for the Nomad Dog House, wallpapered and carpeted.




6. Life Is Good Dog House


Yes, it sure is a good life for this godly dog, looking out on the world, untouchable, unless of course he feels like some loving or a treat. Life Is Good puts her on a pedestal, where she belongs.



Dog-worship is not a new phenomenon. The practice goes back to ancient times when many cultures treated their dogs as godly creatures, some even embalming their dogs after death. This respect and admiration for this loving creature who dedicates himself to his master alone, has continued throughout the centuries, although expressed in different ways.

Today, rich dogs are adorned with designer clothing, fancy haircuts, doggie spas, special toys, dog videos, and communication systems so we can talk to them when they're out and about. Some dogs even have their own cars and chauffeurs.

And Marco Morosini designed these temples for rich dogs in his Dog Is A God designs, introduced at the 47° Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, April 2008. Unfortunately, all of these limited-edition temples were sold.

all photographs courtesy Marco Morosini, copyright
for more information, visit marcomorosini.com

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