Where To Stash The Bloody Kitchen Knives


Sick, Sick, Sick of it! There, you stupid Ex.Sick, Sick, Sick of it! There, you stupid Ex. I'm really sick of looking at those bloody Ex Knives, so this Halloween, I set out to find some new ghoulish place to stash the bloody knives when I'm done with my dissections.

Sure enough, I found that Raffaele Iannello, who designed the original Ex 5 Piece Knife Set, cool four years ago but tiring at this point, had alas designed another Ex, known as the Five Finger Fillet Steak Set (FFF), just perfect for my laboratory work.  


 Five Finger Filet Steak SetFive Finger Filet Steak Set


But if you're not seeking to camouflage your bloody work, the FFF also comes in black and white.  Hmm. White... and RED all over! (tee hee)


Five Finger Filet Steak Set (White)Five Finger Filet Steak Set (White)


Of course my friends, I did not give up my search there.  Before I actually cut myself while slicing my freshly caught dinner, I found a very clever kitchen fellow called Throwzini.  The idea here is that you get to throw your bloody knife at the knife block, aiming right between the limbs of a man strapped in the center of the block while he's spinning around!  Too bad... he's already dead.  


Throwzini 6 Piece Knife SetThrowzini 6 Piece Knife Set


Throwzini 6 Piece Knife SetThrowzini 6 Piece Knife Set


Ooh! They must have had me in mind when they designed Throwzini.  I can't wait for mine to arrive so I can practice up for All Hallows' Eve... when I can impress my friends....



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