Where in the World is Robert Scoble @SXSW ?

Why is it worth your while to track down Robert Scoble? Perhaps a $1000 might be an incentive? Hint: He's attending South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas for the next couple of days and he's tied into a major Augmented Reality Contest that could earn a lucky winner a $1000 prize.

That's right - social media guru Robert Scoble is wanted "Read Or Alive." "Read" in the sense, that if you were to point your iPhone camera at his shirt, you would become instantly privy to one of thirty digital clues that Metaio and Porter Novelli have put together to coincide with the launch of Junaio 2.0's new AR enhanced features.

For more on this contest and why Scoble needs to be caught "read-handed," see my previous blog, "Junaio's App Moves Indoors To Put The AR In ScavengAR Hunt @SXSW."