Where's My Tip: The Business Of Tipping In A Cashless Society

Today most people travel without cash, relying on their debit/Interac cards and credit cards to cover all of their expenses. It's just easier than constantly having to hit the ATM to increase cashflow for every little purchase. Unfortunately, there is one thing that you do need cash for, and that's leaving tips for the staff that you meet while you're on your travels. Fortunately, a new website makes it possible to travel cashless and leave a tip!

Where's My TipWhere's My Tip

With Where's My Tip, you hand out cards to the individual that you'd like to tip on your travels. No need for cash or anything else to fasciliate the transaction. People in receipt of a cardfill out a tip request, which is sent to a traveler to be paid in the amount of their choosing! It definitely simplifies the tipping process and since there's no need to carry cash at all while traveling, it makes every journey that much safer!

Via: CoolBusinessIdeas