Which Airline Will Be The First To Offer Passengers Inflight iPads? (POLL)

iPads may be flying the friendly skies very soon according to bluebox Ai, the industry's only inflight entertainment system to utilize the Apple iPad as an inflight service. Recently approved for 'early-window' inflight entertainment, the big question is which airline(s) will become the early adopter(s)?

According to their Web site, bluebook Ai will be launching the product on an airline carrier in July, and will be available to other airlines shortly afterwards.

bluebox Ai takes full advantage of the iPad's revolutionary technology and will offer the full iPad experience including consumer magazines offered through Zinio™, airline-specific custom applications and the following:
  • full range of games from the iTunes App Store
  • at least 10 hours battery life playing video
  • eBooks as available in the App Store
  • custom apps built for your airline
  • and a selection of over 200,000 commercial apps available for iPad
The question is, why is the identity of this specific airline(s) a mystery? Usually when an innovative product like this is about to launch and it's a major differentiator, the airline likes to tout it as quickly as possible to reap the benefit of stimulating sales in a down economy.

I pose that question to my friends over at SimpliFlying, rated one of Top 3 blogs on aviation and their founder Shashank Nigam.  Since he flies in the right circles (sort of speak), perhaps he will take on this challenge and use his aviation savvy to 'sleuth' out the identiy of the mystery airline(s)?

In the meantime, while we wait for answers from "on high", please take our "What Airline(s) Will Become iPad's Early Adopter POLL?" - and let us know which airline(s) you think will be first to iPad it to the friendly skies! (note: you can vote for more than one airline and can also add one that may be missing.)
May 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Must for Intl flights alone

Flights over 8 hours are a Must.

Ticket price should Include: Meal/s, drinks & iPad vs std in cabin movie.

Mount Ipad in seat back & watch show/s.

Use std airline earpieces.

Sample route use: Honolulu to Taipei, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong.