Which Costs More - The Wine or The Corkscrew?

This weekend we were treated to temperatures of 95 degrees and above as the recent heat wave made its way through northernmost New England and out to sea. After a long day that included both hard work and easy recreation, a group of friends were sipping chilled red wine on the patio. I was surprised at how few of the group had ever enjoyed chilled red wine before. Great idea for a post, I thought!

While it may not rise to the level of a conventional invention, I think the idea of chilling red wine is innovative enough to pass along to those more intrepid imbibers among us.

While digging around the Internet in search of some recipes or helpful hints to share, I came across something far more interesting, innovative, and so outrageously expensive that I had to bring it to your attention.


At a mere $72,000, I believe I have found the perfect corkscrew for opening my $4 bottle of chilled Tisdale plum merlot.

Designed and crafted by a Belgian gentleman who goes by the name Sveid, his website boasts that "Sveid products are manufactured in the “Vallée de la Meuse“, near Liege, an area of Eastern Belgium where state-of-the-art metallurgy products are designed and manufactured. Drawing on a vast store of technical expertise and cutting-edge technology, Sveid products are made one piece at a time."

Watch this video clip of the Sveid corkscrew in action. It's more of a bottle-opening ballet, really:

Yes, that fingertip ring lever comes standard in 18-karat gold. One can, however, request platinum. Other available features include having the owner's name engraved into the corkscrew, a choice of woods for the box and the option of gold hinges on the rather exquisite case that cradles this extravagance.

The video of the opening of the box the corkscrew comes in must be seen to be believed. It appears that the opening of the case is as dramatic as the opening of the wine bottle:

As an added bonus, Sveid promises that your purchase of his technical sophistication and contemporary luxury affords you unique prestige above and beyond ownership: "Acquiring a Sveid corkscrew makes you a member of the distinguished family of Sveid corkscrew owners and entitles you to be registered in the owners' list." Now there is a club with a restricted membership!

Sveid manufactures a couple of other items including tables, cutlery and coat hooks, each of these ordinary, everyday objects imbued with his trademark ingenuity and elegance.