Whimzees Natural Dental Cleaning Treats For Dogs (Product Review)


Whimzees tooth cleaning bonesWhimzees tooth cleaning bones


My dog is the poster dog for bad teeth (that's not him, above), so naturally I was dubious when I was sent a few packages of Whimzees™ to test on him.  He has chewed on a lot of 'teeth cleaning' treats, and I brush his teeth a few times a week, but he has yet to show me a beautiful smile. Anyway, I thought, what the heck, I'll see if these Whimzees work....

Whimzees - a variety of groovy shapes and sizesWhimzees - a variety of groovy shapes and sizes



About Whimzees

Whimzees are the brainchild of a conscientious pet-loving company in Holland - Paragon Pet Products.  Whimzees are tough, chewable bones, vegetarian, gluten free, and healthful.  The main ingredients are:

  • potato starch - energy source
  • glycerin - enhances taste and helps chews retain moisture
  • powdered cellulose - dietary fiber that helps polish a dog's teeth
  • yeast -  a source of B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids eases digestion and provides a healthy coat
  • lecithin - a natural emulsifier
  • malt extract - improves metabolism, muscle tone and promotes strong bones


Whimzees ingredientsWhimzees ingredients


Even the colors of the Whimzees are natural: 

  • The green Whimzees are made with alfalfa extract which provides Vitamins K, C and six Bs, and beta-carotene 
  • The orange Whimzees are made from annatto fruit, a rich source of antioxidants color.
  • And malt extract enhances the natural flavor and brown color of the tan Whimzees.


But Do Whimzees Clean A Dog's Teeth?

Let me back up and tell you why I am so dubious about teeth cleaning bones for my pup.  I adopted Nukkles from a kennel where he was a 'stud' dog until he was six. Though he's a beautiful Welsh Terrier, his teeth are decidedly not his best feature, since he spent about five years trying to get out of his kennel by pulling on its bars with his teeth. Other than the crookedness, the stains, and the tartar,  though, he had no problems chewing.  But nothing - no bones or even brushing every other day - worked to make them clean.

I knew Nukkles liked the Whimzees because he hid them like he would a trophy or a very special toy.  But hiding the bones wasn't going to prove they could clean his teeth.  I decided to break the medium bones in half (no easy feat!), thinking that might release some positive odors and he'd want to chew on them.


Whimzees Toothbrush style teeth cleaning bonesWhimzees Toothbrush style teeth cleaning bones


That worked!  He took the half of a medium Whimzee Toothbrush to a 'safe spot,' and chewed it until even the few stray pieces were gone.  Welsh Terriers have big, strong jaws, and the Whimzees take a long time for my dog to chew, so I know they're tough. And they don't break off in sharp edges. (Nevertheless, as with any bone, you should not leave your dog alone when she's chewing on one.)

If there is a dog that's a test case for Whimzees or any other teeth cleaning bone, it was mine.  And I didn't believe it, but after just a few days, the tartar and stains were off the canines, the back teeth, and even some of the insides of the teeth. His gums looked all nice and pink; terrific!  Now I'm so pleased that he doesn't need to have dental cleaning under anesthesia!

Just today, I checked the Whimzees out on Amazon.com.  I'm not the only one that sees a change in my dog's teeth! In fact, Whimzees are the number one best seller in Dog Toothbrushes!


Whimzees Shapes And Sizes

Whimzees dental treats come in several shapes and sizes (xtra-small to xtra-large).  The Toothbrush shape seems to be the most popular, but there's the Alligator, the Hedgehog, the Stix, the Rice Bone and the Veggie Ear dental treats for dogs. Each one has special wedges and indentations specifically designed to give your dogs challenge and pleasure while they clean his teeth, as below demonstrated on the Whimzees Alligator dental chew.


Whimzees Alligator dental chew for dogsWhimzees Alligator dental chew for dogs


Whimzees are not cheap, but neither are other dental chews that claim to do the job.  If you can't afford to give your dog a Whimzee every day, then every other day, or every third day would be better than nothing.  I would aim for at least three times a week to keep your dog's teeth in good shape.

Many of the customers on Amazon wrote that their dog's digestion and bowel movements seemed to improve with Whimzees.  In Nukkles case, his bowels became a bit loose, but that problem was solved when I reduced his Whimzees to a small Whimzee every other day. 

Nukkles really loves the Whimzees and I love the bag they come in.  I'm not kidding; the bag closure is Velcro® and it works longer and better than any plastic zip closure I've used!

Nukkles and I are both Whimzeed!

That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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