Who Is That? Hoodies With A Twist

Once you wear these hoodies, heads will turn. And that's a guarantee.

Designed by Clinton van Gemert from Brooklyn, New York, each of these innovative garments is produced single-handedly by Clinton in his studio apartment in Brooklyn. Not only does he deign the pieces, he also hand prints, hand sews and labels them.

At first glance you might think Barrack Obama is sitting on the bench next to you, or a baby is bawling its lungs out...but don't worry...it's all an illusion.

Clinton has displayed real innovation is printing the faces on to the hoods of sweat shirts in such a manner that one is led to believ that the person on the hood is real.

A HeadHood is currently retailing at $50, check out the wide range available and get one for yourself.

I have already placed an order for one.

Via: trendhunter

Feb 18, 2009
by Rane

These look pretty cool, I

These look pretty cool, I think I might order one too. :)