Love is in the Air - 9 Fun Valentine's Ads From Around the World

Many companies around the world are doing all they can to incorporate Valentine's Day into their messaging this time of year.

What do you think of the clever use of  love related copy, hearts and cupids in these ads? 

1. Perfectly Shaped, India

This nicely (and heart) shaped Valentine's Day advertisement is from a lingerie store, Straps, in India.

Source: Ads of the World

2. In Bed, Brazil

Dom Francisco restaurant in Brazil used a great play on "being in bed" with napkins and silverware. The copy on the print ad reads: Valentine's Day in Dom Francisco's restaurant.

Source: Ads of the World

3. Pole Dancer, Australia

These "pole dancers" were placed on the streets of Sydney the week before Valentine's Day with the message, "Be inspired this Valentine's Day."

Source: Ads of the World

4. Stiff, France, the official dealer of pleasure would like to wish you a happy Valentine's Day.

Source: Ads of the World

5. I'm Absolut-ely Your Valentine, USA

Absolut released this ad on Valentine's Day.

Source: Creative Ads

6. Every Day is Valentine's Day, USA

Very clever copy, like always, from Axe.

Source: Ads of the World

7. Ride It, Italy

Ducati, an Italian motorcycle and accessories company, uses cupid arrows to help get their Valentine's message across.

Source: Ads of the World

8. Say it the Right Way, England

This ad for British Airways reads: "this Valentine's Day, say it with an escape voucher. "

Source: Ads of the World

9. No Surprises, India

The copy of this Durex ad reads: "NOVEMBER 14TH/Have no surprises for Children's Day/Happy Valentine's Day/DUREX."

According to Ads of the World, the idea is communicating the fact that the time period between Valentine's day and children's day (Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday in India) is nine months, which is also the time period of pregnancy.

Thus, to avoid surprises on children's day use Durex condoms on valentine's day.

Source: Ads of the World

What do you think of these holiday theme ads? Do you think they used the theme of lovers and Valentine's Day well?

Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger