Who Needs Instruments With Shirts That Let You Rock For Real!?

We've seen shirts that allow you to play musician while expressing yourself through fashion in the past, but now there's a new design that puts those former models to shame. Now, really bring out your inner rock star everywhere you go, without having to take along a burdensome instrument.

Electronic Rock Guitar ShirtElectronic Rock Guitar Shirt

The Electronic Rock Guitar shirt is the epitome of cool (or geeky; you decide) because it's a fully playable guitar built into a t-shirt that allows you to play the guitar. While past designs have allowed you to press buttons to replicate a musical instrument playing experience this is one you could actually get onstage and play in a band with. The Electronic Rock Guitar shirt allows wearers to play all major chords, with different buttons along the neck representing a different chord. Strumming is simple, by waving a magnetic pick across the stings, the chords are amplified through the mini-amp that appears on the shirt.

This shirt truly is awesome, and it really will make anyone feel like a rock star. Since presumably washing this wearable gadget is out of the question, wearers will get a realistic rockin' experience.

Wearable Instrument ShirtWearable Instrument Shirt