Who Would Have Thought You Could Swim Off A Boat?

You know what could make you look like even more of a douche than a giant yacht named "Petty Cash"? Taking up even more cubic inches of your local ocean or bay with an inflatable pool. Yeah, you know, a pool so that you can swim off your boat without technically swimming in the actual water body you're traveling on.


Natural water is for the common folk, after all; those with resources can enjoy their frozen beverages in crystal-clear, critter-free water without ever dirtying their D&G swimsuits. Well, maybe not crystal clear because you'll just be swimming in ocean water let in through the mesh sides. And while small fish and critters may stay away, I'd imagine the creatures you'd most worry about--say sharks--would gnaw your leg off straight through the mesh. Fret not, however, you'll still look plenty pompous, flashy and obnoxious while doing quarter-laps.

While this Magic Swim ocean-view pool is a lot cheaper than the edgeless pool those that buy it have at their sprawling beachfront estates, it's certainly a few dollars more than the cheap, inflatable kiddie pool it's undoubtedly based on. Expect to pay $2,250 for the privilege of toting a big, orange inflatable pool on your boat. 

Want one? Visit Euroship for more information. 

 Via Trendhunter and Born Rich

May 27, 2010
by Anonymous

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