Who Ya Gonna Call? - 5 Ringworthy Cell Phone Ads

Cell phones are a part of our everyday life and culture. So, look  at how cell phone companies integrate advertising for cell phones and cell phone service into everyday life and culture as well.

Here are 5 of the best from recent cell phone advertising campaigns:

1. They're Everywhere! Cell Phone Ad Campaign

This newspaper dispenser perfectly placed amongst the rest resembles the new Blackberry phones.

Source: Advertising 2.0

2. T-Mobile PSA Cell Phone Ad Campaign


Instead of promoting the usual no dropped calls service or new super tiny cell phone, T-Mobile ran this "don't drive and dial" PSA in women's magazines.

Similar to a perfume ad, titled Accident, when you pull the smell strip, you get the smell of burnt rubber, smoke, etc., obviously simulating an accident.

Source: Ads of the World


3. Very Sharp Cell Phone Ad Campaign

This Russian cell phone ad, uses an oversized Razr2 smashing into a car, strategically placed in front a Razr2 billboard. The message? RAZR2 Sharper than ever!


Source: Spluch

4. Interactive Cell Phone Ad Campaign

According to Wired Magazine, Canada's Solo Mobile is connecting commuters via an ad promoting one of its phone's walkie-talkie features. The ad -- displayed in bus shelters in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary -- features a built-in two-way radio that lets folks waiting for the bus in the different cities speak to each other in real time with the push of a button.

Source: Wired


5. No More Dropped Calls Cell Phone Ad Campaign

This billboard from Cingular says it all.

Source: Frederik Samuel

What do you think of these unique approaches to cell phone advertising? Which is your favorite?

Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger