Who Wins The Social Media Bowl? #WhoDat vs #MyColts?


Facebook offers one of the best ways for teams to engage with their fan base, so which team is making the most of it? You can visit the Saints' Facebook page and the Colts' Facebook page to see that as of February 7, the Saints fans came in at 116,932 vs 300,888 fans for the Colts. There are several unofficial pages, but since the Saints appear to be missing the opportunity to engage Facebook users in an official capacity, this may have been a major fumble.

Advantage: Colts



As of January 26, which team has seen the most activity on Digg? According to Digg’s search tool 1,549 Colts articles have been submitted, with only eight being promoted to the front page and three receiving more than 500 diggs. That compares with 1,645 articles submitted, 11 promoted and two with 500+ diggs for the Saints.

Advantage: SAINTS