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Who Wins The Social Media Bowl? #WhoDat vs #MyColts?


While there is no official Twitter accounts for either team, there are several unofficial Twitter profiles for each managed by fans and media sites. The Colts' @Colts_News profile registers 10,260 followers while the @TheSaints fan account is showing 7,325. According to Adam Sherk, a search and PR strategist "Twitter-athletes.com currently lists profiles for six Colts players and 15 Saints players...plus Kim Kardashian," which he counts as a “spokesperson” of sorts. So based on these mixed reviews, I would say the evidence is inconclusive.

Advantage: None

So down to the wire (with no more time-outs),and if I was a betting man, I would have to say it's a very close call - but the winner according to these stats, is the "WhoDat" team from New Orleans, by a social media field goal!

Let me know if you've found any evidence to the contrary... but please supply us with some verifiable statistics and URLs of the Web sites that back up your claims and post in the comment section below.

P.S. The other factor that leverages odds in favor of the Saints is based on the classic Rock Band that will entertain at Half-Time. Who dat you ask? Why, it's "The Who," themselves... that's who!

P.S.S. For those that just tune into the game for the commercials, after kickoff, check out the YouTube Ad Blitz where commercials will be uploaded as they air and fans will be able to vote for their favorites in real-time.  Twitter-powered rankings of the ads will also available for viewing on the BrandBowl 2010 site. And for those that want a peak at my Top Five Super Bowl commercial picks, check out, "Top Five Super Bowl XLIV Commercials - Sneak Peaks."

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