Wholesome Tummies: Healthy Bagged Lunch Service That Gives Moms a Break

Moms are among the hardest working people on the planet, and I'm only talking about the ones who parent full-time, not to mention those that juggle other responsibilities, like careers at the same time! This holiday season, give a mom in your life a break from one of her daily parenting duties - lunch making, by supplying her with a service that delivers healthy meals to her kids at school!

Wholesome TummiesWholesome Tummies

Wholesome Tummies was created by two busy moms who got tired of the fast, unhealthy convenience items that are available for school lunches. They knew that many moms turned to those food choices, because it was a faster way to get that bagged lunch prepared on their child's way out the door each morning. With all that moms have on their plates, even making lunch for one or more children is a big job, and despite their lack of time to do it, most moms will also say that they'd rather have a healthy lunch prepared for their child.  Since these two ideologies are often at odds with each other, it lead to the creation of Wholesome Tummies.

Wholesome Tummies is a food delivery service that partners with schools. At all participating schools parents can sign up their children to receive meal deliveries of healthy and tasty food items every day, or even once a week for a healthy treat. Their menu incorporates unique, healthy meal items for kids with more adventurous tastes, and classic kid meals with a more nutritious twist for those who can't bear to deviate from the norm.

So, if you're looking to treat a busy mom in your life with a great holiday gift, Wholesome Tummies might be the place to look.

Dads are of course welcome to use Wholesome Tummies services too - but with moms behind the company, its core values were initially based in catering to mommyhood!

Via: Business Opportunities Web Blog