Whoops... I Ate My iPhone Stylus!

In South Korea, die-hard iPhone users have come up with a "winter stylus" to substitute for their frozen fingers: snack sausages. 



South Korean sausage maker, CJ Corporation, has reported an increase in sales of its "Max Rods" mini-sausages this winter; suspected are commuter techies using the Max Rods as styluses for their iPhones and iPad Touches.  Why let winter come between you and your iPhone?



No need to remove your gloves.  Apparently the sausages have the same electrical conductivity as your finger, so you can get full use of your iPhone while you're on the move.  And, no need to remove the sausage wrapper to touch and slide, so you can eat the stylus later when you're warm and cozy. 


via PopSci, iNews24.com