Whoozit, Skwish, NooBoo...What? Three Words Your Baby Wants You To Know This Christmas

Start your baby’s sensory development off right with these three inexpensive toys ready to be wrapped and put under the tree!

Heighten “Skwished” Senses
For Babies 6 Months Or Older

The name might be a misspelled onomatopoeia, but Skwish is one of the best baby toys on the market. Taking its cue from a classic toy design, Skwish is one of my three avorite toys this holiday season designed to heighten your baby’s senses and keep them entertained for hours!
Lots of Learning Squished Into the SkwishLots of Learning Squished Into the Skwish
Appealing to their tactile exploration and visual inquisitiveness, this is a classic developmental item decked out in bright and appealing primary colors. Little ones can “squish” the toy flat and then giggle with delight as it bounces back. As a winner of Parenting Magazine’s Toy Hall of Fame, Skwish keeps changing style and providing the same amount of quality visual stimulation. It is able to teach baby play patterns, and recently was launched in a high contrast color scheme as well.

Bring a New Best Friend to the Bassinet

Whoozit is a creatively silly creature designed to promote sensory development in your baby. Like the Skwish, it is full of interaction. However while the Skwish is made of wood, the Whoozit features different fabric textiles to challenge the senses and give your baby an improved awareness. This toy captures the attention of children through a variety of activities such as funny noises, a bendable mouth, a hidden mirror and hide and seek legs. Soft enough to be left alone in a crib or bassinet, this inexpensive toy is perfect for baby shower or Christmas gifts.
Who's That New Friend? It's a Baby Whoozit!Who's That New Friend? It's a Baby Whoozit!

The Magic of Music

Lastly, the NooBoo Symphonic Stacker is an ideal toy to help children learn sound recognition and cognitive development. An innovative spin on a traditional ring stacker, each soft ring triggers a different sound. Known as cause and effect learning, sound awareness is important for babies, and with bright colors and safe fabric, they will be amused with this problem-solving toy for hours.

Music and Problem-Solving Found in a NooBooMusic and Problem-Solving Found in a NooBoo

NooBoo was recently presented the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, and was also rated as one of the Best Toys of the Year by Parent magazine.

These toys, as well as other cognitive-focused learning gifts, can be purchased through Amazon using the links below.

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