Whovians Standing The Test Of Time Enter Social Media Era

How does one explain Dr. Who without taking into account the show’s never-waning popularity amongst it ardent followers. If the etymology of the word “fan” was derived from “fanaticism,” this show has more than it’s share of addicted fanatics. With a lead character who's lived over 2000 years, has died and been reincarnated 13 times into entirely different bodies (albeit, different actors) and is celebrating his 50th year anniversary on the tube, Whovians, young and old seem not to be able to get enough of the good ‘ole time-travelin’ Doc!

The 11th Doc

Matt SmithMatt SmithBut how are the 21st Century Whovians reacting to their favorite sci-fi character in the social-mediashpere? Well when the Eleventh and youngest Doctor (played by Matt Smith) was into his second year of playing the part, the show not only broke simulcasted TV records (3.6 million viewers on both sides of the pond), it ranked #1 on Twitter, set a record on Tumblr with the highest level of activity (14.5 million views and making Tumblr the de facto social network for a good many Whovians) of any televised event ever, surpassing the Super Bowl and MTV’s Video Music Awards.

War Doctor or 13th Doctor Who?

John Hurt who plays the “War Doctor” is often overlooked from the 12-Doctor line-up because he was chronologically added after the fact. To help celebrate the 50th year anniversary special he was sandwiched in between the 8th and 9th Doctor. When the 11th Doctor (Smith) and Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) are trapped in the Doctor's timeline, Smith tells her that he is yet another version of himself, albeit one who has lost the right to the name of the Doctor.

The 12th Doc

This year with the introduction of the oldest reincarnated Doctor Who, actor Peter Capaldi takes the helm of Peter CapaldiPeter Capaldithe TARDIS (the ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space’ police box), at the same time app developers Narvil Inc. introduced the world to the “Whovian Social Network.'


The network, promoted for Doctor Who fans as well as for the spin-offs Torchwood and Sarah Jane is an platform that allows members to get up close and personal with their favorite Time Lord, Daleks, Cybermen, and the many other eccentric characters that inhabit the Who universe.

Canuck Whovians

In Canada, the Doctor Who Society of Canada (DWSC) is a social network for Whovians of all ages who focus on social engagement and intelligent exchange among its members. Launched in 2011, the DWSC organizes monthly social gatherings, online forums and has been featured prominently at Toronto area Fan Conventions. including Fan Expo and Wizard World.

Even the Belgians

The Belgium Whovians United (BWU) have grown from a small presence on social media into a full-fledged fan club. Currently with over 1400 members and counting, enthusiasts can join their Facebook page, their Twitter feed (@Belgium Whovians) or attend one of their mini-meets held throughout the country.

Touchdown in Aussieland

On August 3rd, Australian Doctor Who fans rejoiced when they learned the TARDIS had touched down in the streets of Canberra, Sydney.

According to a Mashable post -- once spotted -- the question that came to mind was whether the Doctor was holing up somewhere in Australia? They couldn’t be sure, it did suggest something was going down. ( Sorry, but aside from this tweet, there's no other corroborating evidence to report at this time.)

TARDIS, small on outside, big on inside. . .

Replicas of the time-traveling TARDIS from the show are a dime-a-dozen, due to the new generations of fans creating their very own each year, but the laws of physics generally prohibit devising one that's actually "bigger on the inside," as per the series' canon.

However, one Whovian by the name of Greg Kumparak decided to address that issue head-on. Using a 3D rendering of the TARDIS’ interior he designed an augmented reality app that provides viewers with a delightful mind-mending representation of the TARDIS, as seen in this video.


New Whovian or Classic Whovian?

12 Doctors Spanning 50 years (missing the War Doctor or 13th Doctor!)12 Doctors Spanning 50 years (missing the War Doctor or 13th Doctor!)Because the good Doctor has spanned so many decades, there are some who like to differentiate the early versus late adopters. Over the years, DW has taken on a huge number of fans classified as geeks or nerds. But with social media tapping into a lot of other demographics, its safe to say Whovians are now fully bona-fide mainstreamers as well.

So if you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, erhh. . .TARDIS, there’s no time like the present. Some might assume you have to understand the ins-and-outs of your chosen fandom to really become a part of it. But don’t let that intimidate you. To those elitists -- I say, if there’s something about the Doctor that speaks to you, start sharing your experiences on your social networks, and you’ll be surprised how many of your friends and followers have been closeted Dr Who fans for years, just waiting for someone like you formally announcing you too are a fan-boy or fan-girl. Long live the Doctor and his multitude of followers!



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