Why Wait For 2015 When You Can Have An Apple Watch Today?

The new, exciting and innovative Apple Watch won't be available until 2015 but Japanese Twitter user Hiromichi Shoji seems to have got his hands on a very juicy prototype. By the looks of it, the new smartwatch sure is sweet!

Lest anyone feel confused, the official Apple Watch announced by CEO Tim Cook on September 9th, 2014 will be released early in 2015. The device will be available in three graduated “collections” (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the luxury Apple Watch Edition that comes in an 18-carat gold case) priced at $349 and up.

Well guess what, Tim: we're living in a world of rapid technological advances where people demand instant gratification. If Apple can't deliver us an Apple Watch right here, right now, someone else just might steal your thunder... and Hiromichi Shoji just might be that someone.

Shoji, who goes by the Twitter username @sinomoritsukasa, decided waiting was for suckers. Not only did he get the jump on the Cupertino colossus by creating his very own apple smartwatch, he set up an illustrated Twitter page to showcase it. “I got an Apple Watch already!,” tweeted Shoji. “Its web site is lovely with nice visuals and text describing it.”

Admittedly, Shoji's self-made smartwatch doesn't have much in the way of describable features. “This is a device that can absolutely mess up the cuff of your dress shirt,” explained Shoji in one tweet and “This is a partner that turns brown and attracts tiny flies,” in another.

Evidently building one's very own smartwatch takes a lot of time, effort and energy, however, and in Shoji's case his appetite for an Apple watch finally succumbed to his, er, appetite. “I like it so much that I finished eating it in no time,” he tweeted. Maybe it's just as well... this homemade smartwatch may have mucho appeal today but it's bound to lose its charm by early 2015 when the real Apple Watch finaly arrives.