Why Women Are Making Music With Their Vaginas Using Babypod

Have you ever wanted to play music using your vagina? Me too! And now it's possible with Babypod, a tiny speaker that can be inserted inside your baby maker.

Why would someone want to play music from inside their lady bits? Babypod is geared towards pregnant women (though I suppose anyone who owns a vagina could use one, who am I to spoil your fun?), or more specifically, fetuses. Music is extremely beneficial to developing fetuses and has been proven to boost brain development and aid in communication.

Dr. Marisa Lopez-Teijon and doctors at Institut Marques, an internationally renowned centre in Gynecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction created Babypod after a series of tests studying the effects of music on embryos inside of incubation tubes as well as fetuses. Prior to the tests carried out by Institut Marques, it was believed that babies could hear sounds at 26 weeks of gestation, however, the Institut's research has proved that not only can they hear at week 16, but they can and will react to music as well.

Slapping a pair of headphones around your belly is so 2015. Most of the sounds babies hear are muffled since they are coming from outside the mother's body and have to travel through several layers of soft tissue. And that's where Babypod comes in. Literally. Babypod is the most effective way for sound to travel to baby since it is inserted vaginally. Think of it as a concert hall for baby.


With a much more effective means of delivering sound, researchers witnessed babies reacting in surprising ways such as moving their mouths and tongues and smiling.

So, just how safe is Babypod (any normal person considering surround sound for their womb would ask)? Babypod is washable and made with silicone so it's hypoallergenic. And you won't be blasting your child with sound since Babypod has a setting that keeps it from exceeding 54 decibels, "similar to a conversation in a hushed tone," ensuring no damage to baby's hearing.

Basically Babypod is a tiny, gentle musical vibrator.

Here's a helpful illustration for how Babypod is used.

Babypod works with an app that must be downloaded to your smartphone and comes with a carrying case, a small bag, and even a set of ear buds so you can listen to the same thing baby is, at the exact same time.

Watch babies react to intravaginally transmitted music in this video from Institut Marques:

Would you use Babypod to beat box with your box? Why or why not?


Source: Babypod.net, Institut Marques