Why Guys Should Not Drink and Invent

Scott Seegert has written a highly entertaining book called, "It's a Guy Thing: Awesome Real Innovations From the Underdeveloped Male Mind". In it, he writes about the real inventions patented by guys. What makes the book and amusing read is that the illustrations are the inventors' actual drawings, taken directly from the official paperwork filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

TheBachelorGuy.com featured 10 of the best from Scott's book, saying:

"We guys are an inventive and creative bunch. Always looking for ways to make our lives easier, keep us from killing ourselves and make us more attractive to women. (And possibly get ridiculously rich in the process.) But sometimes a few of us go a little too far when channeling our inner Thomas Edison."

Here's a sampling of the ten:

Albert's Helmet-Mounted Pistol (1953)


Bill's Swimming Apparatus (1881)


Tom's Cleavage Revealing Pants (2002)


You can check out all ten at The BachelorGuy . You can also enjoy Scott's website here or purchase Scott's book here.

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Jul 17, 2007
by MAFIOSO (not verified)

drunk inventing

LOL, fun begins with the first drink.

Jul 18, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Helmet Pistol

With a few more drinks, he surely would have mounted it on his di@%