Why Start a Home-Based Business?

If you're thinking about working at home you have a couple of ways to go about it; you can start your own, or you can buy one that's pre-existing (and hopefully successful) if you want to avoid doing the groundwork yourself. While your motivation to work at home shouldn't ONLY be because of the location, but also because of your love for the job, it does have its many benefits.

1) It's cheap - the overhead costs of working at home are minimal; there's no need to pay for leasing office space. You also don't need to worry about regular transportation costs.

2) Can't beat the commute - how great would it be if all you had to do to get to the office was roll out of bed, and stumble bleary eyed, in your pajamas to your desk. It definitely encourages sleeping later, and is very economical.

3) Flexibility - in most cases, being your own boss and working from home allows you to set your own hours and spend more time with family. It's even a possibility for stay-at-home parents who are providing care for young children. Of course, you still have to make yourself available when your clients need to get in touch and make sure you get the work done.

4) Tax Advantages - Need I say more? Well, the bottom line is many of your home living expenses, can now be declared in part as workplace expenses, so you may get a rebate.

5) Less distractions - you may become more productive without the distractions of the office (like chatty co-workers) and because of the intrinsic motivation that holding your own financial fate in your hands causes.

6) Different stresses - being your own boss creates its own stresses, but at least you get to leave behind the pressure being put on your by your boss, and you only need to report to your clients.

7) It's yours! - how's that for a great sense of accomplishment. There's something about saying "I own my own business" that just beats stating your occupation.

There's nothing wrong with buying an existing business or franchise that can be based at home, in fact, there may be less risk involved if it already has a track record of being successful. However, it can be hard to track down those for sale that can be done from home, if that's where your heart is, that's why websites like Home Based Business For Sale are useful. This is one of the most popular directory sites of its type, featuring home franchise and other home business listings; while providing advice, resources and tools for fledging entrepreneurs.















If you think working from home is for you, get ready to hang up your suit jackets and trade them in for your sweats!


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Jan 20, 2009
by Anonymous

Good Article

You've covered some very good points. I didn't know about the tax situation!

Of course, it's not all just home-office based. many peple have become very successful selling on auction sites such as www.e-DUDS.com

Jan 20, 2009
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
Beth Graddon-Hodgson's picture

 Thank you for reading! I

 Thank you for reading! I will also check out the site you recommended.

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer

Jan 20, 2009
by Anonymous

Great Article!

I realized the benefits of working from home and being an entrepreneur 4 1/2 years ago ! the tax advantage is phenomenal and you never have to answer to anyone else but your self! Cheers!

-Marie from NYC