This Is Why We're Fat: Whopper Hands-Free Eating Device

A hands-free Whopper holder? Really? Strange, yes, but true. Burger King created the device as part of a promotional gimmick to celebrate their 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico. For the promotion at total of 50 of Hands-Free Whopper Holder by Burger KingHands-Free Whopper Holder by Burger Kingthe holders were produced to be given away. It is reminiscent of the feed bags that working horses wear so that they can keep going without stopping for a nosh.

There was a time when the really big selling point of the Whopper was that it was so big that you needed two hands to eat it. BK created a huge ad campaign around this idea and the fact that the burger, hot and flame-broiled, would keep you well fed. 

Times have definitely changed. The Whopper no longer seems so big and people are living faster and more complicated lives. So now the other side of coin appears. Fast food isn't fast enough if you have to take the time out of your day to actually hold on to it. What next? Pre-chewed burgers?

One of the serious flaws in the design is that you still have to use your hands for the fries and your drink. They need to expand the holder so that it can be multi-functional with a cup holder and a fry basket. Another serious flaw is that there is no mechanism for pushing the burger upward as you eat, so that eventually you have to take it out and use your hands anyway.

Hands-Free Whopper Holder by Burger KingHands-Free Whopper Holder by Burger KingIt is a good thing that this gadget is an advertising joke by the company and will likely live on in collectibles history for some time. One day far in the future one will turn up on Antiques Roadshow (or its successor) and people will marvel at the strange thought processes that created it.

BK also created a fun video that shows all the things you can do while still eating your burger. If I tried to use one I could see a whole lot more laundry in my future. Oh, wait, I already spill my burger condiments all over myself, so maybe not.

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