Why You Should Have A Part-Time Online Business Aside From Your Day Job Part 1









The recession is not just the only reason why you should have a part-time online business. You should have an online business because it is a way to make extra money.

Are you one of those people who complain about their salary not being enough to make ends meet but don't really do anything concrete about it?

During this recession, I'd like to think that the most important realization is the fact that having a job does not equal security.

It just simply means that you are at the mercy of your employers.

What happens if they suddenly become bankrupt? Or there is a sudden change of management, like a merger & acquisition that makes you redundant?

Can you really tell me that this sounds like security to you?

If it was possible for me to scare you into starting a part-time online business, I would scare you into doing it. It has been so lucrative for some people that they are actually doing it full-time.

Here are some of the advantages of starting an online business.


It is easier to start an online business than a traditional one.


Many people with full-time jobs are starting their own part-time online business. Why? Because it is so easy and most of the time, start-up costs are low. I cannot count the number of people who have gotten rich through eBay, affiliate marketing, or information marketing. But just because you can easily start one does not mean you will easily succeed. Succeeding in online business lies in planning-much like a traditional business.


Your customers don't have to know that you are only a part-time entrepreneur.


There's a reason why the world has become a global village; the Internet has made it possible for people to reach out to other people from all over the world. Are you just doing this part-time? Your customer from Japan probably wouldn't know that. What they're after is the customer experience. If you're a fast shipper, if you can reply to them immediately through email, if you are selling something that they need, then they will flock to you.


You are your own boss, even if it is only a part-time business.


You get to keep what you earn in your online business. In fact, you can stop complaining that all you do is make someone else rich. Not feeling up to working? You can take a vacation. But when you do that, make sure you get someone else to take care of your customers. Internet users are not shy about telling others about a really bad customer experience. If someone googles your company and a slew of really bad user experiences come up, say sayonara to your reputation. It will be difficult getting it back.




Consider starting your own part-time business today. Stop wasting time. If you're one of those lucky enough to still have a job, start one so you have more security. If you were one of the unlucky people who got laid off, stop being a victim of the recession and take control of your life.



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