Why You Want iOS 7

iOS 7iOS 7

When a brand new OS is released, whether that's Windows on the PC side, Android or iOS on the mobile side, there are always a lot of arguments about the new features and how worthwhile they are. If you're an entrepreneur working in the mobile industry, you don't have a lot of choices when it comes to these upgrades. When Apple releases a new version of iOS, you have to make sure your apps are compatible. Even as a simple user, you want your web sites, mobile interfaces, and anything else your clients may be using to work well with the latest upgrade.

Now there are quite a few critics of iOS 7, and perhaps you count among them, but there are also quite a few interesting new features in the latest iPhone OS that you might not know about. Here are a few of them that may make you like this new release. First, the messaging app provides much better timestamps. If a business contact sends you an SMS, you will always know exactly when that message came in. iOS 7 also includes much better ring tones and alerts. You may think these are fairly small details, but missing a call or email because you didn't hear the sound can be devastating. Siri is also much improved. If you're a busy professional, then you don't have time to go deep into your phone's system just to do a random search for the weather, a web site or the latest stocks.

Safari was improved as well, with Apple adding the ability to bookmark Twitter streams. Organizing your device is also a breeze thanks to improved folders, and Spotlight can now search in a much better fashion, helping you find content within apps. Perhaps the biggest change however is the Control Center. This is a new pane that comes up when you swipe from the bottom of the screen and gives you quick access to sound controls, a flashlight, AirDrop, and airplane mode. Regardless of what you think about the new colorful interface, it's likely that millions of iPhone users are going to upgrade in the next few weeks, so you need to be prepared for them.