Why Your Business Needs To Jump On The Social Media Bandwagon

It used to be that a business could rely on their placement in Google to drive customers to their website. Content marketing has always been an important part of search engine ranking and many website owners are in direct competition with one another for page rank through the use of specific keywords.

Times are changing and with the many algorithm changes that Google continues to roll out, old SEO strategies have become a lot less reliable. The need for good and valuable content never changes, but your business needs to listen and respond to customers through more personal avenues and social interaction.

With the advent of social media, everyday people have the opportunity to interact with large corporations and celebrities on a daily basis. Social media has brought the world together and bridged many economic gaps as well as eliminating distance as a barrier to communication.

If your business is not involved with social media, then you have no real way to interact with or to reach your customers. You need to determine which social media networks will be the most effective for your business. It is important to establish profiles on all of the networks that you have identified as being the most relevant to your business.

Many large companies will simply hire marketing experts to take care of the details of the everyday social media updates. If you have a twitter account, you will want to interact with users by tweeting on a regular basis. The tweets that you send out should include recommendations, connections with other business, and links to content that you have posted on your webpage.

A business page on Facebook can invite people to interact with you. You can run contests on your page and create interest by offering items to people on your page. You can post links to free downloads which people would be interested in accessing, in exchange for them joining your mailing list with a valid email address.

Social media can help you to create a social network where people share your content and ask questions or provide you with suggestions of products they would like to see. People tend to share your social information more easily than trying to share web addresses. An analysis of your social network can help you to identify who the “influencers” are within that network. Influencers are people that other people trust and look to for advice. If an influencer makes recommendations about your product through their social media channels, people are more likely to trust your business and purchase from you.

Free webinars are a great way to attract a large amount of people who are specifically interested in your business. You can cross promote your upcoming webinar by providing information about it on your Facebook page, tweeting about it or writing a short summary on Linkedin. Be sure to provide a useful webinar that will get people talking about your business.

The potential of social media is amazing and if you are not currently harnessing the power of it, you are missing out on a lot of potential business. It can help you to get an in depth view of your customer base, what they are looking for and how they talk about your business. Social media creates brand awareness and can skyrocket your business, but only if you know how to leverage it properly.