The WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer Knows Why Your Baby is Crying

If you have ever taken care of a baby you have likely experienced waves of, “I wish you could tell me what you want”.  This thought usually comes to mind when the baby is in the middle of a marathon screaming session and you have done everything you can think of to ease the situation.  It can be an incredibly challenging experience especially for new parents, often resulting in tears for the adults too.

Well what if it didn’t have to be this way?  Could anyone or anything actually decipher those elusive cries?  The WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer claims to do just that.  Within 20 seconds the device will interpret your baby’s cry based on pitch, frequency and volume and give you a translation in the form of a mood picture.  The mood possibilities are hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed and bored.  The WhyCry is said to have an accuracy rate of over 90 percent.

In addition, the device is portable, attachable and only three inches tall.  It also detects the temperature and humidity in the room which may give some indication of why your baby is stressed or annoyed should you get such readout.  

The idea behind this product is that parents will more easily become accustomed to their baby’s cries and will be able to respond much quicker to his/her needs.  This added level of communication will make for a more calm and satisfied baby and more relaxed parents.  Source: WhyCry

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